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for October, 1999

The SubrealiCon '99 Writers Challenge

On the weekend of August 21st & 22nd, the Comics FanFiction Authors Network (CFAN) hosted; SubrealiCon '99 in Orange County, California.

While on a visit to the local Ripley's- Believe It or Not Museum. host Kelly "Kielle" Newcomb gave those in attendance the following chalenge;

Write a FanFic inspired by something inside the museum.

“To Be Where You Are” by Trisha L. Sebastian

Echoes of a 19th century Chinese funeral ceremony stir the emotions of a modern day warrior.

“In The House That Robert Built” by Kelly "Kielle" Newcomb

"Truth is Stranger than Fiction" -- R. L. Ripley

PLEASE NOTE: This challenge is NOT limited to those who took part in SubrealiCon. If you wish to take this challenge, please feel free, You don't even have to Visit any of the Ripley Museums around the world, a trip to the local libary to look up the "Modern-Day Marco Polo," but we request a copy to be sent to the SubCon-Challenge Page so it can be added to the others.

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