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"Take This, Ye Bigot Wanker!" by Oberon

Sheldon Burnham's Unique Power Challenge:

Sheldon says he's tired of the telepath of the week and the telekinetic of the week. His challenge is to write a mutant whose powers are anything but those two, the more unique the better!

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Ah, good evening. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Stephen Eliaz Niles.

I've been on the kill list of the Friends of Humanity for quite a few years now and boy do I deserve it.

I am after all a greater threat to their ideals than Magneto, the X-Men and just about every other mutant out there put together.

No, don't be afraid of me. I don't have earth shattering powers, I can't rend the land and make continents break. I can not make the sun go nova. I can't even throw a punch to save my own life. ... I am pretty good at dodging things though. But no, that isn't my mutant gift either. It's is far simpler than that, a gift that I think the Great Lord had the FoH in mind when He created.

Well, granted that if He had, when He did, He must have a very nasty sense of humor.

I smile softly to myself, check my disguise once more and walk into the meeting. I find it hard not to laugh when I hear people preaching about the mutant threat like this. After all... as long as I'm around we mutants can't loose. Sure we can loose friends and individuals. But heck, we can't loose the war. I know.

I move among the crowd, touching someone every now and then, letting the soft flux of my powers shift and touch the helixes inside their cells, unlocking their own mutant factors. After all, we are all mutants, only to a varying degree.

My gift... my very special gift, is to unlock peoples full potential.

Sure... I guess I've caused the odd suicide, but in the long run I'll win this war for our kind.

Yes our kind...

Remember, we shook hands when I first introduced myself.

So what do you think your powers will be?

The End

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