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Feature Of The Month
  Rogue of the X-Men

Febuary, 1999

"The Faces Of Hate" Challenge

  In December, 1998, The Ku Klux Klan, America's oldest racialy-modivated hate group, held a rally in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, Kaylee's hometown.

  Black police officers stood on the line protecting the KKK demonstrators from the crowd of over six hundred people of all races, who turned out to protest the speakers.

  What more does one need for high drama?

  In the challenger's own words; "I found out about the rally too late to go down and add my voice to the ones protesting the sheet-wearing Son's Of Bitches who insisted on making their hate public.

  "Still, as many of you know, I'm an opinionated type of gal who doesn't know how to keep my mouth shut on topics like this.

  "So that got me thinking...

  "We, as writers, have an opportunity that a lot of people don't-- we can CHANGE OPINIONS.

  "That's the whole point of writing, isn't it? To make people question what they've accepted and perhaps, just perhaps, to alter ways of thinking.

  "I wanna see some stories exploring hate."

  "In the fanfic genre, we have the perfect setup to examine facets of bigotry, after all.

  "...And hell...I'd like to see the mutie get the bigot. ;) Or any other type of story exploring or illustrating hate and its consequences."

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"Absolution" By Kaylee

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"Only Candlelight" By Alicia McKenzie

Reverend Alexandra Vansen is forced to pit faith against threats...and what follows is an illuminating experience.

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