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Dictionary of Foreign Phrases -
British Phrases and Words


British Word

Americans Say


LadderRun (in stockings)
Ladies'Lady's room
Lay-by Rest stop
Lead Leash
Leader Editorial
Legless Drunk
Lemonade Carbonated beverage
Lift Elevator
Lollipop lady Crossing guard
Loo Bathroom
Lorry Truck
Lounge Living Room
Mac See mackintosh
Mackintosh Raincoat
Mange tout Snow peas
Marmite Yeast extract
Marrow Squash
Match Game
Mean Stingy
Mince Ground beef
Minder Babysitter
Minder Bodyguard
Motorway Highway
Muesli Granola
Nail varnish Nail polish
Naff Worthless or unfashionable
Naff off Go away
Nappy Diaper
Natter (noun or verb) Chat
Naturist Nudist
Naughts and crosses Tic-Tac-Toe
Nick (verb) Steal, (noun) prison
In good nick In good condition
Number plate License Plate
Nutter Kook
OAP Senior citizen
Off Spoiled
Off license Liquor store
Old age pensioner Senior citizen
Over the moon Elated
Over the top Carried away
Page 3 girl Model (of sorts)
Panda car Police car
Pants Panties or briefs
Paracetamol Acetaminophen
Paraffin Kerosene
Paralytic Drunk
Parting Part
Pavement Sidewalk
Peckish Hungry
Pelican crossing Pedestrian crossing
Petrol Gas
Pickle Relish
Pilchards Sardines
Pinch Steal
Pissed Drunk
Pitch Playing field
Plait Braid
Plimsolls Sneakers
Plonk Wine (cheap)
Post (noun or verb) Mail
Postal code Zip code
Postgraduate student Graduate student
Power point Electrical outlet
Pram Baby carriage
Prat Jerk
Presenter Newscaster
Press up Push up
Pub Bar
Public school Private school
Pudding Dessert
Pulses Beans
Pumps Sneakers
Put down Put to sleep
Put paid to Put an end to
Pyrenean Mountain Great Pyrenees
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