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The OutsideTheLines.MainPage.Net Dictionary of Foreign Phrases

   Are you a little lax on the lingo?? Here are some common phrases from other languages.

  Just click on that country's flag and you will go to that page.

   If you would like more languages or if you know some more conversational phrases (and especially curse words!) Please E-mail us at the Response Center and let us know let us know.

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France Canada
Mots Élémentaires: Français (Basic Words: French)

Grundlegende Wörter: Deutsch (Basic Words: German)

Osnovnye slova: Russky (Basic Words: Russian)

Spain Mexico
Palabras Básicas: Espańol (Basic Words: Spanish) plus Calo street slang

British Phrases and Words

Irish Phrases and Words

Australian Phrases and Words

Under Construction;

South Africa
South African Africaans

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