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Feature Of The Month
  Rogue of the X-Men

December, 1998

"The Guess-The-Author" Challenge

  Not that long ago, Jaya wondered 'What makes a writer more or less well-received.'

  "I've read some darn good fics on this list, commented on them, and been told by the author that I was the first/only/one of few people to drop them a line. So does it really become a matter of who's more "popular" in the fanfic community?"

  To answer her question, this challenge was thrown at the Outsiders;

  Write a story under another name and let the fan fic audience at-large guess to see who wrote them.

  This Months feature highlights only but a few of these responses.

  Each authors' pen name is used here and is revealed at the end of the story.

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"Birthday Boy" by "Violet Femme"

While Generation X decorates the Biosphere for Artie's birthday party, Jubilee takes him on a "nature walk" and ends up finding a side to the X-Men she didn't think could exist.

"To Fly With the Spirits" by "Kijski"

The parents of a teenager fear the worst of their little girl.

"Behind the Mirror Lies..." By "Reflection"

A confidant, privy to secrets of the X-Men. Tells ALL!

"Monsters" By "Ayende"

A look at the early life of Penance, and the monster who lives in the closet.

"Titan" By "Dr. Benway"

An abusive father reflects on the disgrace his 'Little Bitch' has become.
Warning: Rated R, (contains harsh language, child abuse and references to drug use)
If you are under 18 years of age, and/or reading material of this type is unlawful in your area, please DO NOT READ.

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