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Feature Of The Month
  Rogue of the X-Men

This Month's Feature;
November, 2000

  The OutsideTheLines Feature of the Month's grand re-opening, after its five month lay-off, pays homage to the major soul-searching that took place in its absence, with five stories wherein characters had to do some sole-searching of their own.

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Past Month's Features

March, 2000

"Blood Remembers" By T'Kuro Grym

Condemning himself in the death of his beloved, a samurai prepares for the ritual demanded by honor.

February, 2000

"The One Day Of My Life" By Amanda Sichter

"May 13, 2000.
The most important day in my life.
The one day of my life.
Today I met her.
The woman I love . . ."

January, 2000

%#^@#%&!!AND A WHOLE%#^@#%&!!
&%#^@#%&!!LOTTA CUSWORDS@#%&!!

After a year-and-a-half at the helm of OutsideTheLines.MainPage.Net, our first Author's Spotlight for the Y2K is your OTL Home Page Administrator, David D. Amaya.

December, 1999

This holiday season we have selected two themed FanFics for our Feature of the Month.

"Holiday Drop-Ins" By Matt Nute, Frito Muncher , and Indigo

Three writers. Almost a dozen super-villains. One turkey. YOU DO THE MATH!!


"Home for the Holidays" By RoyToy

Harley Quinn just wants what everyone else wants for the holidays.

November, 1999

"Psycho-Analyzing My Symbiote" by Dyce

Venom's latest trip to the head-shrink yields a diagnosis which has not been explored before.

October, 1999

"The SubrealiCon Challenge"

This challenge was given to participants of SubrealiCon '99, Day-Two when they visited the Ripley's- Believe It or Not Museum in Orange County, California. The challenge;

Write a FanFic inspired by something inside the museum.

September, 1999

"Bravado" by Matt Nute

Batman must face the greatest threat to Gotham City...

Bruce Wayne.

August, 1999

"Never Mess With A Furry Blue Genius" by Maelstrom

In this sequel to "Tale Of the Last Twinkie," Hank gets driven to revenge thanks to Bobby's snack food faux pas.

PLEASE NOTE: No snack foods were harmed in the writing of this fic.

July, 1999

"Soul Of The City" by Alicia McKenzie

In the first "Non Marvel-based" Fan Fic to named FotM, a Dark Knight reflects on the final step to reclaim the city of Gotham.

June, 1999

"All My Hopes" by Kaylee

A mother's last thoughts towards the child she leaves behind to an uncertain future.

May, 1999

"The Fall Of Laersyn" by Laersyn

The Giant Black Castle atop the Windswept Hill™ is under siege by a veritable gaggle of beings - each radiating a nauseating goodness.

Can the Overlord of Darkness fend off this threat?

February, 1999

Five stories exploring the facets of bigotry and its consequences is featured this month, responses to Jaya's "Faces Of Hate" Challenge.

January, 1999

"Second Star to the Right" By Jason Kenney

Fearing that his mother no longer loves him, a youngster decides to run away to NeverNever Land.

December, 1998

Five responses to Jaya's "Guess-The-Author" Challenge take center stage.

Can you Guess the Author?? Read on and find out!!

November, 1998

"Reckoning" By Laersyn

Sentenced in the deaths of three men, the State of New York prepares to execute a mutant.

October, 1998

The Outsider Spotlight shines on Thistle, the winning artist of the OTL Logo Contest.

September, 1998

The Outsider Spotlight shines on the author of the "The Sun Will Shine Again" and the Marpiya Wakankdi na Kimimi series, Raven Adams.

August, 1998

Five outstanding responses to Writers Challenges are featured. Challenges including; a story from the viewpoint of a devoted fan, to killing off your favorite character! Special thanks to the Writers' Challenge Board at IndigoSkyNet!!

July, 1998

OutsideTheLine's first Feature of the Month!!!

"This Is What Happens When You Wake Up At Three", a collective Round Robin story from the now-defunct Gen-X-Force Round Robin Board.

Bobby Drake, while substituting for Emma Frost for a week, gets involved in a prank war with Jubilee. The catch? They can't wake up anyone else!

This story was begun the wee hours of the evening by; J.B. McDonald, who really hates insomnia (yes dear, we know :),Yona, who is also a happily raving insomniac, and Paul Tran who is regarding the other two veeeeeeeery carefully. Each part is a separate installment from these authors.

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