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Feature Of The Month
  Rogue of the X-Men

August, 1998

The Writers' Challenges

  It is said that it is challenge that brings out the best in a person, and the Outsiders are no exception.

  So many writing challenges has been posted and answered during this month, OutsideTheLines.MainPage.Net had to feature, if only a smidgen of the responces, these here.

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"Who is Tony Stark?"
by Skyrocket

Times reporter Art Shannon asked that very question to several New Yorkers.
The Non-X/Non-Marvel Challenges:

Just because over 80% of the stories posted on OTL involves our favorite mutants, other Marvel characters are cool, and other comic company stuff is cool, too!

"Interlude at a Train Station"
by Indigo

A young woman, deep in the throes of despair, contemplates the unthinkable -- until a guardian angel in black talks to her and helps her find her way out of the dark.
Matt Nute's Self-Insertion Challenge:

Write yourself into a fanfic where you interact with your favorite character. The Conditions:
  1. You need not be a superhero/mutant/whatever.
  2. You must, however, have a logical reason for associating with the character.
  3. Don't have the story just involve the two of you. Use other elements of your character's world, or your own, or both.

"Shivers of Rage"
By Shera Crawler 007

An uninvited wedding guest reflects on what drives him to ruin the life of the lover who rejected him.
Northlight's Strange Pairings Challenge:

There's some pretty... unique romantic/sexual pairings in X-Men fanfic, so my challenge (should anyone wish to try it) is to write a relationship that never would have happened in the actual books, the stranger the better (ex: forget Jono, forget Skin, Paige falls madly in love with Emplate! ).

"Take This, Ye Bigot Wanker!"
by Oberon

The single biggest threat to the Friends Of Humanity sits down for a quick chat.
Sheldon Burnham's Unique Power Challenge:

Tired of the telepaths and telekinetics-come-lately, Sheldon's challenge is to write a mutant whose powers are anything but those two, the more unique the better!

"With Friends Like This..."
by Amanda Sichter

Gambit tries to play hero one last time, with deadly consequences in a way he never expected.
Alara Rogers' Challenge of Death:

Kill off your favorite character! You can have them die nobly in battle, or in bed and surrounded by friends at the age of 87, or get hit by a bus on the way into Salem Center. Good death, bad death, meaningful death, pointless death, it's up to you. But kill'em dead. No backsies. No resurrections, no clones, no imaginary tales, NO DREAMS.

"Magneto's Cold "
by Lori McDonald

If you thought being sick makes YOU miserable, imagine having a cold and you are the Master of Magnetism!
Indigo's Extraordinary People/Ordinary Situations Challenge:

Indigo wants to see the spandex set enduring the kinds of daily tribulations that mundanes have to deal with.

"Friends in Low Places"
by Kevin Schmidt

A little boy shares the trials and tribulations of his life with the super powered being he admires.
Indigo's Fan Experience Challenge:

Write a story about a fan in any comic setting. You can write from the viewpoint of a devoted fan, a psychotic fan, a fan-become-stalker, a hero who is amazed or disturbed to have fans...anything.

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