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Welcome to OutsideTheLines
  Kaitlyn Fairchild of Gen-13

OutsideTheLines is a Comic Fan Fiction Mailing List which posts comic-related, fan-written fiction to and from over 600 members around the world, from over a dozen countries, via E-Mail.

This page serves as a hub for our Outsiders, and soon-to-be new members, to gain extra information to aid their own writing, find other internet resources, archives, and more.

If you are a hard-core comic fan, just a reader who loves original fan fic, or a serious writer, you are all welcome here at OTL!

For more information on joining The OutsideTheLines Mailing List please turn to our Frequently Asked Questions file, or click on the link to the left to subscribe to OTL right now!

Don't forget to please take some time to fill out the Outsider Survey, and let us know a little more about yourself, where you are in the world, and your favorite fan fiction authors and stories!

Site last updated December 7, 2000

What's new for the month of;
December, 2000

Happy Holidays OTL!!!

On behalf of all of us here at OutsideTheLines, we would like to wish our international membership of Authors and Readers, a most happy and joyous holiday season.


The OutsideTheLines Feature of the Month
for December, 2000;

"What Colour Are My Eyes?" By Loki's Rose

In OTL's last FotM for the Year 2000, Rogue recovers from an impulsive use of her powers.

Check this space for other additions weekly!

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