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   CFAN - The Comic FanFiction Authors' Network!

Feature Of The Month
  Rogue of the X-Men
   OutsideTheLines has searched the web, racked our brains and foraged the library in search of the best Writers' Resources to aid everyone, from the budding young writers to the seasoned veteran authors.

  Here are just a few places to go for help, from guides on writing, a Character Creation Chart, story formatting guides, and even some common phrases from other languages, to make your story look and sound its best!
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The ACFF/OutsideTheLines' Guide to Fan Fiction Writing Ver. 4.0

This is informative guide, written by David Amaya, has many tips and pitfalls for the budding Fan Fic writer.

The OTL Crash (& Burn) Course In Story Formatting

Your posts to the list misaligned? Want to HTML your story for an archive? Here is the bare bones guide to fix your script!

The new ACFF Style guide Ver. 1.3

Assembled by Kielle, it is THE comic fan fiction writers, resource.

A Dictionary of Foreign Phrases

Lax on the lingo?? Some common phrases from other languages.

On-line General & Fiction Writing resources

Not all geared towards Fan Fiction, but some of the best universal tools on improving the mechanics of your writings.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations On-Line

As Mentioned in the OTL Guide to Fan Fiction Writing The most frequented tool in writing next to the Dictionary. A search engine helps you find the right quote for a title or if you need that special one-liner, this on-line version of the classic reference book has them all.

Strunk's "the elements of style" On-line edition

Here is perhaps the best book on writing ever, presented in a simple manner William Strunk would no doubt approve of. A MUST for every writer.

Books on Writing

Here is a list of some great books, (YES BOOKS, you know the ones you read OFF-LINE?) that can help you improve your writing.

Reference Books;

"Bartlett's Familiar Quotations"
By John Bartlett

Websters New World -"Misspeller's Dictionary"

"Write Right! "
By Jan Venolia

Comic Style:

"Comics and Sequential Art"
By Will Eisner

"Understanding Comics"
By Scott McCloud

The Creative Process:

"A Wack On The Side of the Head: How to Unlock Your Mind for Innovation"
By Roger von Oech

"Right brain. . . Write On! Overcoming Writers Block"
By Bill Downey


"Fiction is Folks. How To Create Unforgettable Characters"
By Robert Newton Peck

"On Writing The Short Story" By Hallie Burnett

"What's Your Story? A Young Person's Guide to Writing Fiction"
By Marion Dane Bauer

Ideas & Reference

"The Transive Vampire. A Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent"
By Karen Elizabeth Gordon

"Great Beginnings. Opening Lines of Great Novels"
By Georgianne Ensign

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