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   CFAN - The Comic FanFiction Authors' Network!

Outsiders' Site Register
Jean Grey of the X-Men   This is where our esteemed Outsiders have listed a link back to their excellent homesite's. For convenience, all links have been placed in alphabetical order.

  If you would like to add your site here, there are only four requirements :
You MUST be a member of the OutsideTheLines Mailing list. If your site is run/owned by more than one person, one must be an Outsider.

The submitting Outsider MUST have completely filled out the Outsider Survey; also, anybody and everybody can fill out the survey and are highly encouraged to do so.

You MUST fill out the form here, EVEN if you added your url to the Survey.

Your site must be up and running to some major degree! If it is just one screen that says "I'll be up soon" please wait until it's done, then fill out the form.

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Please Note: If you fail to meet any of the above requirements your site will not be added or may be removed. We do periodic weeding to keep the site as fresh as possible.

And no, your site does NOT HAVE to feature fan fiction.

Many sites will accept story submissions. If you would like to send your story to an archive PLEASE read that page's submission rules before sending any work.

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Absolute X
Christine 'Belladonna' Demerath's page where any X-Men or X-Men related stories are welcome so of course its accepting submissions.

Ana's Space
Some story pages, some Doctor Who pages, some Klingon pages, a fanfic page, and all sorts of stuff as well. Ana's page also has music play lists! Not currently accepting submissions.


Cliodhna's little place on the web. Contains a fan-fic archive and a fan-art page. Accepting submissions.

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Cajun Country
In the words of site owner, Gambit EJM "A page dealing wid ever'tin from fan fiction to vid'yo games. All wrapped up in a nice colour scheme and dash'd wid a whole lotta humour." Accepting submissions.

Cerebro - the Stories Untold
Twilight's page dedicated to Fan Fiction, though trying to build an extencive archive of comic related fan fiction, it is still very new and currently there are only a few stories, but that can only be solved with the help of all you writers out there, so of course it's accepting submissions!

CFAN: The Comic Fan-Fiction Authors' Network

Home of the wise and wonderful Scribe, Kielle, this is the starting point to get almost anything on fan-fiction. You can register your own web site with CFAN.

Contrail's Fan Fiction

This page serves as Carolyn Vaughan's archive all of her stories, including Just Desserts, a sequel to Laersyn's CBFFA winning Devel's Due. NOT Accepting submissions.

The Corona

A site concentrating on fanfic involving site owner, Samy "Mash" Merchi's "Shadows of the Future" timeline for New Mutants related characters. Also contains other comic-related fanfic. Mash's Fanfic does not accept submissions.

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Dance in Fields of Gold
Features samples of Maelstrom's work, other people's work, as well as interesting links. Accepting submissions.

David Amaya's Page of Fan Fiction
The home page of your OTL Web Page Administrator, David D. Amaya, houses his stories, "First Mutant," "Opening Night," "Rumble & Shakespeare" as well as the OTL Guide to Writing Fan Fiction. Not currently accepting submissions.

The Definative X-Men Erotica Archive

This site is intended to archive stories other sites might not take. It is run by Stephen Neal and is dedicated to the more intimate times in the X-Men's lives. Accepting submissions.

Down-Home Charm

Alykat's homage to Rogue-related fan-fiction. Check out the Southern Belle's album/scrapbook, still under construction but partially viewable. Accepting submissions.

Dragon Warden's Lair

Featuring JT's sci-fi and fantasy fiction, both original and fanfic. Also has graphics and atr galleries (anime and popular sci-fi/fantasy artists) Not Currently Accepting submissions.

Due West of Nowhere
Fanfic of everything, lots of junk and insanity. Wizard's top tens, cool lines and other stuff. Owned by JB McDragon. Accepting submissions.

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The Elaysian Fields
For comic book joy--the writing of Maggie the Cat and the artwork of GlockGal! Not Accepting submissions.

Featureing the best in original and fan fiction from Star Trek, the X-Files, X-Force and its original claim to fame, Generation X. Maintained by coarchivists Mirage, Jelpy, & Kerr. Accepting Submissions for original fiction. All types of fanfic are now by by invitation only.

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Hawk's Galaxy
Currently only the fanfics of the site owner Niklas "Hawk" Jonsson, but he's planning on opening a larger archive... "Just you w8 and see!" Submissions now accepted.

The Homepage of Pamela Thalner

The personal homepage of Pam "Hutch" Thalner, describing herself and her hobbies. Fanfic and artwork are included along with a web journal and a links page. Submissions are being accepted, if they are good and in need a loving home.

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Indigo Sky Net
Home to Indigo's own fan fiction, as well as that from some of the big names and rising stars in the Fan Fiction community. Accepting submissions.

The Itty Bitty Archives

Jaya's three small archives -- the Itty Bitty Logan Archive, the Itty Bitty Cyke Archive, and The Itty Bitty X-Men Archive. The Logan and Cyke pages will feature some of the better fanfics about the boys on the 'net. Accepting submissions.

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Julian's Domain
On site owner, JT's page, you can find bios on a lot of Marvel characters and some fan fic, but it's brand new and still under construction. Accepting submissions.

Junkmail's Junkheap
A small yet growing Marvel Universe fan fiction site. Owned by Junkie, The Junkheap plays host the entire run of Falstaff's Arleccino Timeline, as well as stories by Tapesty, Indigo, and Matt Nute. Accepting submissions.

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Kender's Wayward Station of Anything Goes...
Site includes Fan Fiction and Shera and Kender's Harem of Pretty Men. Not Currently Accepting submissions.

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Lady Seraph's Aerie
This site is an archive of owner, Lady Seraph's stories and poetry. The Aerie does not accept submissions.

The Legacy Homepage

Comics, action figures, movies, video games, some fan fiction, and, most importantly, M.J. Morris's stories about Legacy. What is Legacy? Come and find out! Accepting submissions.

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Magik's Fan Fic
A site focusing mostly on Illyana "Magik" Rasputin, by the writer of the same pen-name. Check for a new feature story and quote every month. Accepting submissions.


Marvel Fan Fiction in Spanish, hosted and written by Carlos Diaz Correia. Accepting submissions in English and Spanish.

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The Official Yujon3D Home Page
Yujon3D's site for some links, a modest art gallery, a small fan-fiction archive, and the Yujon3D Random Muttering. Not Currently Accepting submissions.

Off the Wall
Looking for the best in anime fanfiction? This page, created and maintained by SPLil, the two-woman team of Sigel Phoenix and Lilisin, was made to help you do just that. It is a page for anime fanfiction contests, though this may extend to other mainstream comics in general. Come and vote for your favorite fanfics! Off the Wall is not accepting submissions .

One Dream Or Another

Dedicated to Cecilia Reyes of the X-Men. Cage's page covers virtually every aspect of Cecilia including a fan-fiction section. Accepting submissions.

The Ordinary Archive
What if the heroes and villains of the X-World were no more than ordinary people? BelaLeBeau's archive features stories which explore this idea. Accepting submissions.

Ororo Munroe's Page
Sonya Brown's Storm site, from her "Evil Elf's" homepage. (Storm bashers beware!) Containing fan fiction, graphics, and interesting tidbits, all staring the Gold Team's Wind-Rider. Also links to other quality X-Men and Storm sites. Accepting submissions.

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The Phoenix Nest
Mainly a site of fanfiction of various series, including X-Men and different manga. Lots of other stuff, too. Under the watchful eye of the Sigel Phoenix. Not currently accepting submissions.

PKJenn WoRLd

This unique page, co-authored by Kismet, started with an original family story called "Reimbursed Love," this site then evolved, now featuring Korean music. Submissions are being accepted, please contact the page owners for more information.

The Prosh Awards

A set of awards for X-Force fan fiction, set up by Red Monster & the Desert Nomad. Judges are still needed for next year, please contact the page owners for more information.

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Rachel's Realm of Words
Owned by Cynjen, featuring Awkward Silences, Flights of Fancy, The Palace of Pictures and The Realm of All Writing. Accepting submissions.

The Ramblings of Rain

A site with some of the stories written by site owner, Rain, along with some quotes and poems. Not currently accepting submissions, but Rain says that the Rambling, "is slowly expanding :) "

Raven and Cait's X-Men Fan Fic World

Owned by Raven Adams & Cait MacAnliss, this page is home to the CMS and the Marpiya Wakankdi na Kimimi series. Accepting submissions.

Red's Resources

Red Monster's Thorough, up-to-date fan page dedicated to X-Force's newest leader, with Siryn's Story Corner (a small fan fiction archive), Things X-Force Will Never Say, and How Certain Artists and Writers Have Treated Siryn. Accepting submissions.

Rhona's World

A site devoted to those mutants who grace the pages of Marvel Comics. In the words of site owner Rhona 'Jupiter 2' Highet, "My own fan fiction and lots of silly little messages left by me!" Accepting submissions.

Ro's X-Men Fan Fiction Treasury.

Taking over Lori McDonald's web archive, new site owner Ro now hosts one of the best X-Men fan fiction story sites. Submissions by invitation only

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Sascha's Haven
An archive featuring all of the X-Teams. Site owner, Sascha, has arranged archived stories by title, author, style, rating and characters. Accepting submissions.

Sector Zeta

Owned by Lise Williams, Sector Zeta is a four-topic archive featuring Fan fiction from "La Femme Nikita," "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" "Reboot" and the X-Men. Will take any submissions on any topic.

Separate Waters

A site dedicated to the best in Gambit, Rogue, and Magneto/Joseph stories. Plus miscellaneous favorites of the managers Christine Demerath, Melodist, Loni Kingrey, and Lindsay Kremenak. Accepting submissions.

The Shifting Sands.

Darqstar's fan fiction page, Home to the Growing up X series. No longer accepting submissions.

Spade's Art Center

A web page containing Spade's fan art and fan fiction, as well as scans, and links. Not currently accepting submissions.

Stories For The Reality-Impaired
Stories by some of Matt Nute's favorite authors, especially those that aren't commonly lauded or well-known, YET. Accepting submissions.

Subreality Productions
The hub site to all of the pages maintained by Kielle, including CFAN, Camalot, Blood In The Gutter, The Court Of Miracles and more! Story submissions accepted on several pages, check the pages for details.

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The Tamster's Hang Out
Gambit centered fan-fiction by The Tamster. Also some vampire and fantasy stories that are loosely related to the Gambit stories. The Tamster doesn't accept submissions

The TCP Warehouse

With the retirement of Laersyn, "The Campfire" has changed ownership to the Co-founder of the Tails of the Common People arc, Kielle. Here for your enjoyment you will find many tales told - of tragedy, of triumph, of bravery and of prejudice. Be warned, though, for the words can be powerful, evoking emotions and stirring your blood. Accepting submissions

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Web Limbo
A place where fan fiction of all kinds resides, Johnny Tracker's page also plays host to poems by several poets. Accepting submissions.

The Wolverine and Jubilee Page

A web site devoted to the special relationship between Wolverine and Jubilee. Hosted and owned by Ascian. Accepting submissions.

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X-Men Artistry
Highlighting Fan Fiction & Illustrated Fiction. P.L. Nunn's page features the best of Fan Art. A Cyber-Comics page, with Fan Comic pages, are also offered along with a monthly review of the X-Titles and more. Accepting submissions.

X-Men Slash Central
Surisa's much heralded archive for fan-fiction that takes the X-Bunch and puts them in... unusual romantic pairings. Accepting submissions.

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