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Feature Of The Month
  Rogue of the X-Men

November 2000

  Well, We're Back after our five month, forced lay-off.   (My computer crashed and It took me that long to save up to buy a new one for my 27th birthday, BTW thanks to all of you who had sent B-Day Cards and well wishes. I'm sorry I wasn't able to write back as soon as I wanted).

  During those five months, I had to do some major soul-searching. It has been a full year since I became a diabetic and had several medical episodes which made me take a hard, long look into myself, as a person, writer and as your Home Page Administrator.

  When I came up with some of the answers of just who I am, and why I do what it is that I do, my layoff had ended (With a new E-Machine and a DSL connection I'm happy to report!) and when I had return to the list that means so much to my life, I found that several stories wherein characters had done some sole-searching of their own.

  There are five stories comprising November's Feature of the Month for the Y2K, (one for each of the five months OTL's been off the pace.) I hope you will enjoy them as much as I.

David D. Amaya


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"Duty Calls: Lifelines " By Ascian

Inspired by the premise of Marvel's "X-Men: Millennial Visions," A team of galactic warriors reflect on their chosen duty.

"I'll Remember You, Robin" By Firebird

An insight to the Dark Knight's loss of his squire.

"Violation" By Tracy Sue

A fire at the Massachusetts Academy almost destroys Jubilee's most important possession.

"Unstopable" By Matt Nute

The Juggernaut looks back to the beginning.

"Youngest Son" By Smitty

Robin contemplates his place alongside the Batman

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