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OutsideTheLines Staff
Cyclops of the X-Men   Proudly serving the Fan Fiction community since 1997, with over 600 Outsiders, 300 survey answers, 60 linked web sites, over 30 Features of the Month, 7 languages, 8 design changes, 15 gray hairs, and 4 richly-deserving web page awards later, it is our pleasure to introduce those, whose hard work has been seen by over 20,000 visitors world-wide, your OTL Staff!

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The Neon Nurse - Susan Crites
Author of the CBFFA Fan Fiction Hall Of Fame story "Neon Hearts," and selected as co-recipient of the 1999 Hawk's Talon award for her dedication to 'above and beyond the call of Fan Fiction' The Neon Nurse, Susan Crites is owner, and Neon ListMom for the OutsideTheLines Comic Fan Fiction Mailing List, and its sister list FarBeyondOTL, as well as the Blue Believers Mailing List.

David Amaya
A two-time CBFFA nominee for his novel "First Mutant" and author of the OTL texts, The OTL Guide to Fan Fiction Writing and the Crash (& Burn) Course In Story Formating, David D. Amaya has been serving as your Web Page Administrator of OutsideTheLines.MainPage.Net, since its debut on June 16, 1998.

and finally, the newest member of our staff :

Current OTL site web goddess and designer of the New Look™, Thistle's been a devoted ficcer ever since '97. She's been reading comics since '92, writing fic since '96 and drawing fan art since Jan of '00 - she loves Gambit and hates Rogue. She designed OTL's logo, has been graphic and web designing for more than 3 years, and helps maintain OTL and CFAB on the side.

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